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The BLC primary objective is rendering high-grade service on acceptable price. Following this rule, we are always ready to make our clients an offer comparable with the assigned objectives. Such kind of pricing policy represents a guarantee for long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.

The Company offers the following types of service:
  • Storekeeping;
  • Working out and introducing freight flow schemes;
  • Intraurban and interurban trucking organization;
  • Multimodal transport organization;
  • Armed convoy and cargo guard;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Drawing covering documentation;
  • Consulting services.
The BLC treats its clients with a specific approach. We are ready to direct our executive to your office or warehouse to organize and coordinate the shipments. For warehouse keeping organization either joint software or client’s interface unit can be used.
We are willing to optimize freight flows of your company in accordance with high requirements of modern logistics market.



tel: (495) 644-07-14
fax: (495) 644-07-15
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